Any advice for getting a Slender Series popular?

Hi, I really like tribe twelve, and you're a really rad dude, and you said to ask you anything so here it goes, what your favorite food and favorite color?


Food: Adjectives
Color: European

What would you do if someone sent you a severed head through your P.O. box? Like, how badly would you freak out and such, if at all?

If you had the choice between 3 cute kittens, or 1 chinchilla, which would you choose and why?

3 horse sized kittens

Adam, what do you fear most in life?

Equal parts certainty and uncertainty.

Any unspoiler-y hints for the next TT video?

Noah is forced to confront something he’s been avoiding for a long time. Horror enseus.

I'm a winner.

what aspects of horror creep you out the most? What are your spook triggers

Psychological mind fuckery. Something that makes you question everything that you’ve never noticed until now. Things that are subtly out of place that no one notices but you. The raw unknown fear that comes from a dark doorway. Being chased and unable to see your pursuer. Paralyzation. Sudden small black holes. Abnormal surreal imagery. The moment right before death. Not knowing.

breast size preference?

Ok, personally I never understood the fascination with huge boobs. Big boobs never really turned me on. I much prefer realistically proportional breasts, or smaller boobs. Who am I kidding, I love petite boobies. No girl should ever be shamed for small tits, it’s a gift I say!

How many people call you noah because they dont know your real name?

More than I’d like to admit.